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Why We Use Jane Iredale (Plus Makeup Tips!)

There is nothing worse than trying to implement great makeup tips with less than perfect makeup. At Emerald Coast Med Spa, we understand this which is why we offer only the best in skin-care makeup, Jane Iredale. Want to know more about Jane Iredale and what this world class line of makeup can do for your skin? Just click here:

The Perfect Eye Makeup Advice (From Glamour)

There are two things we can all agree about cat eyes: (1) They look insanely fierce and (2) you can actually go crazy trying to paint them on. Unless you’re a seasoned wing woman who’s been rocking liquid liner since middle school, it’s pretty rare to nail it on the first go. Or the tenth.

Luckily some masterful cat-eye pros got really real about all the ways we’re screwing up our flicks. (Spoiler: The mirror you use makes a huge difference.) Here, 11 things NOT to do when you’re aiming for winged perfection.
Mistake #1: Not prepping your lids with powderFirst things first: Never apply liquid or cream liner to your lids without dusting on some powder (translucent powder, powder foundation, or powder shadow) first. It nixes the natural oils on the surface of your lids and prevents your cat eye from smearing and fading.

Mistake #2: Trying to get it in one strokeMost people need four to ten strokes, according to Hannah Hatcher, makeup artist and global educator for Jane Iredale. At the very minimum, try this: (1) trace the lash line, (2) flick out the wing, and (3) graze the top to form a line that connects the two and smooth everything out.

See the full article here: 11 Mistakes Holding You Back From a Perfect Cat Eye | Glamour

And we aren’t the only ones that love this line of makeup! See below:

Why Helen Mirren, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock Jane Iredale Makeup | Inquirer lifestyle

SKIN Cancer Foundation-approved foundation protects your skin from sun damage.

Despite a seemingly crowded beauty industry, most makeup brands usually get their start from a founder’s desire to fill a hole in the market.

In Jane Iredale’s case, the former Hollywood casting director simply wanted a foundation that didn’t cause breakouts after seeing fully made-up actors with bad skin day in and day out.

A plastic surgeon liked her mineral-based loose powder and how it offered safe coverage for those who had just undergone laser procedures; the medical community followed suit, and the rest is history. Celebrities like Helen Mirren, Rihanna and Sandra Bullock are fans, too.  See the full article here: Why Helen Mirren, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock love this makeup | Inquirer lifestyle


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